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04 May 2011 @ 04:38 pm
Happy Birthday, Maria Harris.  
Happy birthday, Maria Harris. You share your birthday with The May Uprising in Dresden, and the strongest tornado ever recorded which had winds of up to 318 mph and cut a swath of smashy-destruction through Oklahoma back in 199... something. Which indicates that you will witness some awesome and terrible things over the course of your lifetime.

Well, it would have been "happy birthday and here's some history" had I been able to post yesterday. Or a year before. So happy two years and a day since last I wrote you. Less catchy than the traditional "happy birthday," but I thought about you and asked your father about you every time I saw him, so maybe that should be the theme of this year's letter: at some point or another, every person you know will let you down in one way or another, but that doesn't mean it was ever out of meanness or neglect. Sometimes, as the saying goes, life just happens and it gets in the way. I had a really hard year last year; not that that excuses me from forgetting to write you on your birthday, but I hope you didn't mind too much.

Maybe the theme for this year's letter should be forgiveness, but that might be a little self-serving, wouldn't it?

I have a feeling that this year's letter should be about how I have no right to offer advice or observations to anyone, especially not to a young lady such as yourself. I understand you're doing better in school and helping to look after your little brother. I know I've wrote it before, but being an older sister is a huge responsibility. One that's tough and frustrating. You'll sometimes want to yell or pout or wish you were an only kid. But, of course as I'm sure you know, there are other times when it's pretty cool that someone looks up to you, and that you can teach someone something, and that you know, in your heart, that you'll never be alone because you have a brother who will always share the same memories of being a kid that you will have.

I hope the rest of your year goes very well, Maria Harris. Happy birthday. Plus one.
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