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03 May 2013 @ 05:42 pm
Happy birthday, Maria Harris  
Since every year I list events and people you proooobably don't care either about or for which either share or coincide with your birthday, I thought I'd change it up and tell you that you share your birthday with Noah Munck ... who I have been told is a funny dude from a show called iCarley. Or possibly iCarly. Or something like that. I don't know who that is. Or what that is. But I was told by an ten year-old friend that he's cool, so there's that. Apparently, 3 May is also the birthday of Toby Turner who is famous for doing something on YouTube. I found that one out from a twelve year-old friend. I wouldn't know what exactly he did apart from make some sort of video which he posted to the Internet, of course, because I'm so old that I'm older than your parents, and they are OLD. But I'm willing to learn.

And that's the theme of this year's letter to you. I've been told that you are ridiculously clever. That's really cool. Smarts will get you pretty darn far in the world, so long as you don't stop using your smarts. Learn something new every day. Strive. Keep yourself going. Don't just rely on people thinking that you're clever, actually BE clever. Take your big brain and make it bigger. Think for yourself. Think all the time. Don't take the easy path; and trust me: because you are smarter than some of the folks around you, you will find the easy path. But instead of the easy way out, try to go down the harder road. It will teach you something and, maybe, make you a more complete person. This probably sounds sort of dumb. Or obvious. And also a lot like something you probably hear all the time from your folks or teachers. Just because it might sound dumb or obvious, or because you've heard it a gabilljon times, doesn't make it wrong.

Also this year I finally got to meet you as a talking, walking, human being. I met you once before, on the day you were born, but you were less "walking and talking" and more "flailing and screaming." Don't take it too hard: everyone is like that when they are first born. I hope to meet you again in the future. Have a great day, and don't point the Nerf gun at anyone's face. That's just rude.

Till next year: happy birthday, Maria.