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03 May 2016 @ 07:29 am
Happy birthday Maria Harris  
Hello again, Maria. Happy birthday. You share your birthday with my friend Emily, who is very kind and quite possibly the funniest person I've ever met. She has an impressive way with words that, as a writer, I feel I ought to be somehow envious. But I'm not because she's THAT good. Babies born on this day tend to grow up pretty good. ;-)

It's been a hell of a year, hasn't it? I see what's happening in the world and I hope you're not quite old enough yet to notice how strange and awful some people can be some of the time. Some times I forget how old you are, to be honest, and have to count my own age backward to see how many years you have; don't take it personally: I always have to do birthday math with my husband, too. Age just has never seemed particularly important to me. Oh, I mean, there ARE the big ones: 10 is pretty important. So is 12 and 13. Then 16 is great, followed by the real big ones: 18 and 21. Then after that ... the tens are sort of important: 20, 40, et cetera. But I very much hope you will try to enjoy being the age you are and not rush ahead to those real-big birthdays. It's probably something you hear all the time and are starting to hate hearing, but being a kid is the best. Which is not to say you don't have problems. I know you do. Being a kid is not only the best, sometimes it can be the worst. I remember. At any rate, what I wanted to say to you this year is: enjoy it. Be young. Hate it. Be young. Listen to advice. Be young. Tell people giving you advice to go to hell. Be young. Be the age you are and try to not wish to be older. When you get older, enjoy that, too and try not to wish you were younger. That's all. It's advice I have to give myself a lot recently.

Until next year,