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I can see your house from here . . .

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3 May 1978
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a softer world, absurdity, acting, activism, adult swim, alternate realities, anime, art, baroque art, baseball, beauty, bettie page, bisexuality, body modification, bohr, bondage, books, brouhaha, caffeine, camping, cats, changelings, classics, coen brothers, coffee, comics, cooking, cultural anthropology, culture jamming, dancing, david sedaris, dean martin, debate, dialects, discordianism, dogs, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drums, eating, eddie izzard, edward gorey, entropy, erotica, fairy tales, farce, film, fire, firefly, frank sinatra, gardens, ghosts, graphic novels, herbs, history, hope, horror, hound dogs pizza, humor, imagination, intertextuality, invader zim, iron chef, jackie chan, kissing, languages, laughter, liberty, libraries, lists, llamas, love, lulz, lust, madlab, magic, mark ryden, meditation, mirth, monty python, moonbathing, mythology, neil gaiman, npr, oddities, om, oscar wilde, p.d.q. bach, painting, paradox, passion, peace, people watching, philosophy, photography, poetry, psychology, quantum physics, radiohead, reading, religion, rexroth, riots, robot chicken, romance, romantics, sarcasm, screaming, secrets, semantics, sex, shadow people, shakespeare, singing, sleep, sloth, spider robinson, spirituality, steam punk, storms, storytelling, stripey socks, swimming, tattoos, terry pratchett, the dreamtime, the marx brothers, the narrowlands, the onion, the simpsons, theatre, thrift stores, tolerance, tom robbins, tori amos, trivia, urban caving, urban legends, video games, walking, water, weirdness, whispering, wildflowers, wine, words, wrath, writing, zen

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